Above is a picture of the new Richlands Townhall. It was built on the former site of the old Mattie William Hospital, and designed to resemble the Old Mattie. In front of the townhall building is the Miners memorial. Picture taken and provided by Richard R. Vance.

Southwest Virginia Families

Families in Southwest Virginia.

Have you ever wondered where you came from? How long your family has been in the area you live in? Where your ancestors are buried? Where your ancestors grew up, and lived? What are some of the other surnames in your family? What was your Grandmother's maiden name? What was your G,Grandmother's maiden name? Are you related to anyone famous?

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I suppose that some time or another all of us ask ourselves these questions. I know I have, and I decided to do something about it. I began researching my family several yeras ago after my brother sparked an interest in me concerning some of my ancestors. Since then I have been on an ancestor hunt! This hunt has uncovered many ancestors, and many new cousins I never knew I had, it has been an exciting adventure discovering where my roots are, and where they have scattered to.

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I joined the internet community in 1995, at which time I decided to build a website to honour my G,G,G,G,Grandfather Abner Vance, and of course I called it Abner Vance's Homepage. I expected to include on this site my direct family back to Abner Vance and his lovely wife my G,G,G,G,Grandmother Susannah "Howard" Vance, and possible a few more family lines that I had found along the way.

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The growth, and popularity of the website so greatly exceeded my expectations, that I was caught completely off-guard! My first two years of working on this website were hectic, because I was recieving so much information from around the world concerning decendents of Abner Vance and Susannah "Howard" Vance, that I was in no way able to keep up with the amount of information I was recieving. I must say I am sure I have lost some of the information I recieved, so if you do not see the information you sent me, please accept my apology and resend it, I am now in a better position to gather, and store the information I recieve until I can add it to the website. If you sent me information within the last two years, please be patient as I am about two years behind on adding the information I have recieved. The amount of information I am recieving has dropped quite a bit, so hopefully within the next five years I will be able to include all of the information I have recieved over the years, and will have the site up to-date by 2008.

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Keep in mind that Abner Vance's Homepage is the biggest personal genealogy website on the internet, yes, there are bigger sites, but, Abner Vance's Homepage was built, is operated, and maintained by one person, and that is me, every period, every coma, every letter, and number has been typed by me and then saved to this homepage. So there is my excuse for being behind in adding information!! LOL

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I do want to thank each and everyone of you that has provided information, pictures, suggestions, and advice for this massive undertaking, without people willing to share their information this huge data-base of Vance and related Families information would not have been possible, THANK YOU.

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Abner Vance's Homepage belongs to all of us, and remember everything on Abner Vance's Homepage is there for you! Use it to fill in your gaps, save the pictures and include them in your photo library, everything on these pages is free for anyone interested, after all they were our ancestors!

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I truly hope you enjoy visiting Abner Vance's Homepage as much as I enjoy building it.

Tim Vance

P.O. Box 428

Richlands, Va. 24641

E-Mail: tinylesmall@yahoo.com

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